Red Dot Design Award
Food Packaging, Brand Design

Raised in Karelia

Raised in Karelia | Red Dot Design Award

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This branding and packaging for a fish farm in Karelia, Russia, visualises the high quality of the purely organic fish product, a delicacy as it is just salted and smoked trout. Since the product used to be marketed only locally, a comprehensive brand platform was created along with the claim “Raised in Karelia” to highlight its quality. The result of a solid design approach, an easily identifiable packaging was created that yields a high degree of trust among consumers.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Karelian Fish Farm, Malakhovka, Moscow Region, Russia
  • Design:
    TutkovBudkov, Volgograd, Russia
  • Creative Direction:
    Dmitiy Tutkov
  • Art Direction:
    Nataliya Rozhok
  • Design Team:
    Natasha Kuchishkina Tatiana Koronova
  • Account Management:
    Igor Budkov