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Rapid SLX | Red Dot Design Award

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The maxim of change

As bathrooms are an integral part of architecture, home sanitary facilities too have to adapt continuously to satisfy current trends and comply with structural changes. Rapid SLX is an innovative installation system that reflects this maxim of change in terms of both its form and functionality. Designed as an elegant-looking powder-coated stainless steel frame, this robust and versatile installation system enables toilets to be quickly installed or replaced with little effort due to GROHE QuickFix, which supplies all fixings needed. Furthermore, the system also offers a high level of safety and efficiency because the water flow can be adjusted easily. For this very purpose, it features a novel flushing flow manager. Offering a high degree of flexibility both in use and for desired future changes, the electrical socket and water connection included in the plug-and-play design facilitate the simple and easy addition of a shower toilet. The special Whisper technology of the dual-flush cistern helps prevent the sounds usually associated with the operation of toilets. In addition, the well-thought-out design of the Rapid SLX system also ensures good accessibility due to an easy-access door that not only allows effortless examination and maintenance of all connections, but which also eliminates the need for extensive structural adjustments.

Statement by the Jury

The Rapid SLX installation system enables easy installation and replacement of toilets in a fascinatingly simple manner that gives new options to interior designers and architects. With this self-explanatory installation and perfectly thought-out functionality, the system sets new standards for flexibility in sanitary facilities. The convenient plug-and-play design, which keeps the system ready for future updates, is particularly fascinating.

Red Dot Design Award

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