Cloud-Based Radiation Management Solution

RaySafe S1

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RaySafe S1 is a cloud-based radiation management solution for hospitals, supporting procedures like CT scans or other X-ray methods. It collects patient’s radiation dose data over time and guides each user (e.g. referring doctor, radiologist, nurse) in giving the most suitable examination and the lowest possible dose to the patient. Used successfully to justify, optimise and control patient doses, RaySafe S1 leads to greater patient safety, supports the hospital staff in stressful situations with difficult decisions and secures efficiency in day-to-day hospital operation. All relevant data is displayed in an intuitive graphical user interface, where the design is adapted to the radiation environment, featuring clear guiding elements. Thanks to its responsive design, this web client is prepared for a variety of screen resolutions, including tablets.

  • Client:
    Unfors RaySafe, Billdal
  • Design:
    Lots, Göteborg
  • design team:
    Hanna Ljungström, Jesper Jonsson