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RBM Noor

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Conferences and canteen meals are important communal moments in office life. The RBM Noor canteen and conference chair has been designed to improve the quality of seating even in these locations. This chair is very comfortable and its curved, flexible backrest adapts well to the user’s body shape. Its innovative aesthetics are based on a clear division of seat and backrest. Viewed from the side, this chair’s sweeping forms are arresting and make it appear friendly and dynamic. The RBM Noor product range offers eight different versions of the chair. As these all come with different shells made of plastic or with a 3D veneer, they all have their own individual touch. The collection also offers options for multifunctional use. There are versions with a five-star-pedestal, with wooden, stainless steel or wire legs and numerous different colours, so the chairs can be combined in a large variety of ways. Thanks to its curvy silhouette, the RBM Noor canteen and conference chair creates an informal atmosphere in every type of environment. It shows its qualities wherever people meet.

Statement by the Jury

The RBM Noor canteen and conference chair has created a new generation of office furniture. Its curved, minimalist form brings movement into day-to-day life. The design of the seat shell is based on well-engineered technologies and is comfortable to sit on even over longer periods of time. This chair shows authentic character.

  • Manufacturer:
    Flokk AS, Norway
  • In-house design:
    Flokk Design Team
  • Design:
    Form Us With Love (Petrus Palmér, John Löfgren), Sweden
  • Design:
    Grønlund Design (Susanne Grønlund), Denmark
  • Design:
    StokkeAustad (Øystein Austad, Jonas Ravlo Stokke), Norway
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