Red Dot Design Award

Real Tutor (Real Time Threading Tutorial)

Real Tutor (Real Time Threading Tutorial) | Red Dot Design Award

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One of the biggest problems in any industry is the lack of qualified specialists and operators for machinery and equipment. With the help of augmented reality, Real Tutor hopes to address this by introducing a new way of training operators to use complex machines, and increase engagement through experiential learning. An overlock machine, for example, plays an important role in apparel design, but its set-up confuses even the most experienced users. Using Real Tutor, users only need to point the device at the machine and a 3D animation will be superimposed over the image to guide the user in its operation. With Real Tutor, users can test their knowledge in operating the machine safely and easily, while getting real-time assistance and feedback.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
    Zeng Hsing Industrial Co., Ltd, Taiwan
  • Design Lead:
    Hou Yu-Sheng
  • Design:
    Chen Yu-Yuan, Hu Kai-Yao, Shen Ping-Jui
Real Tutor (Real Time Threading Tutorial) | Red Dot Design Award