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Regal Pro | Red Dot Design Award

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Originally designed as a new typeface for GRAZIA magazine, Regal Pro is an entire typeface system which consists of five related families and merges classical forms with specific new elements. The task was to create a typeface that had to be elegant, luxurious, sexy and vibrant, and which reflects the romantic as well as the self-reliant and dynamic aspects of modern women. In order to create an association with the female figure, elegant curvy details were introduced, such as teardrop terminals that aim to reflect female sensitivity, pronounced quirks on the upper and lower arms of individual letters that are intended to symbolise eyelashes, and alternate glyphs that want to reflect the preference of some woman to express their individuality by using various dramatically different accessories and overall style to change their appearance. The highly versatile superfamily type system series comprises a total of 47 weights with an average of 898 glyphs per weight, simultaneously supporting Latin, Cyrillic and Greek. Statement by the jury »This elegant typeface represents a highly successful solution to the task. Implemented to simultaneously support the Latin, Cyrillic and Greek alphabet, it not only exudes a modern and charming female appearance, but also surprises with an enormous variety of weights and glyphs.«

  • Client:
    Parachute, Athens
  • Design:
    Panos Vassiliou
  • creative direction:
    Kostas Aggeletakis
Regal Pro | Red Dot Design Award
Regal Pro | Red Dot Design Award
Regal Pro | Red Dot Design Award
Regal Pro | Red Dot Design Award
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