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Regent Taipei – Craft

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There are three important phases in the creation of a work of art: the intention, the story behind and the actual process of creation. The Taiwanese image campaign in aid of local handicrafts uses impressive pictures to express this process in a visually appealing manner. A film shows the belief of local Taiwanese chefs, artists, farmers and fishermen in their art and work, as well as their determination. In this way, the viewers, or more precisely, the guests of the Regent Taipei Hotel, have the opportunity to appreciate the amount of work involved in handicrafts.

  • Client:
    Regent Taipei
  • Design:
    Wizard Films, New Taipei City
  • Film Production:
    Thomas Shih-Ming Chen, Arica Yu-Lin Chang
  • Film Direction:
    Shih-Ming Chang, Yuan Ze University
  • Camera:
    Cliff Yu-Yu Tang
  • Film Editing:
    Uno Sheng-Han Wu