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The TV commercial promotes the used car locator Audi Approved :plus and the five-year warranty they offer. The underlying idea is based on the insight that a five-year warranty makes customers feel much more relaxed while driving, because they do not have to worry about unexpected repair costs. The campaign centres on the feeling of “More relaxed driving”, depicted in the commercial through the use of powerful, expressive metaphors hitherto unseen in this manner. Thus, one protagonist is reading a book leisurely while lying on the bonnet of a car running at high speed, or a woman is enjoying a drink while sitting on the edge of the roof with the car running in two-wheel stunt manner through a barren summer landscape. Backed up by a cool downtempo song, the cinematographic atmosphere convincingly evokes a sense of serenity and effectively promotes the message of the used car warranty to potential customers with a need for security through the use of positive notions such as trouble-free driving and long-range relaxation.

Statement by the Jury

The TV commercial succeeds in both captivating viewers and evoking a strong sense of relaxation and adventure at the same time. Featuring actors lying, sitting and standing in breathtaking poses on top of driving cars, the impressively elaborated high-quality images manage to evoke an atmosphere that combines the state of relaxed driving with a sense of reliability.

  • Design:
    thjnk berlin gmbh, Berlin
  • Client:
    AUDI AG, Ingolstadt