User Interface Design

RESAS Prototype

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RESAS is a visualisation system for a nation’s economic big data that provides a better understanding of complex socio-economic issues. As a dynamic tool that is sophisticated both aesthetically and functionally, it makes large amounts of information coherently accessible through data analysis and visualisation techniques. It enables users to have a broad overview of the entire data set and, at the same time, to hone into specific information. The screen is horizontally divided into two sections, allowing one to switch between big-picture and small-picture perception.

  • Production:
    Takeshi Souda
  • Creative Direction:
    Kinya Tagawa Shinya Kitamura, Teikoku Databank, Ltd., Tokyo
  • Design:
    takram design engineering, Tokyo
  • Client:
    The Minister of Cabinet Office, Government of Japan, Tokyo
  • Design/Technical Direction:
    Minoru Sakurai, Shota Matsuda, Hironobu Kimura