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Revive | Red Dot Design Award

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With tonnes of electronic waste produced yearly, our recycling facilities only focus on extracting selected materials, which results in the loss of reusable and working components. Intended for future electronic waste repair and recycling facilities, Revive is a collaborative robotic system that develops a harmonious relationship with a human sitting opposite to repurpose electronic waste efficiently. From removing microscopic fasteners to analysing components, Revive understands human judgment and extends human capabilities to reuse and repair electronic waste like never before. Revive's modular workstation design easily fits a variety of disassembly lines or recycling facilities. As electronic waste is placed within the fabric work area, Revive uses image recognition to scan, identify and access information surrounding each part. It takes care of the more tedious and precision-oriented tasks, such as dismantling microscopic screws or simultaneously sorting parts while its human counterpart visually inspects, tests or decides on the outcome of each product. Revive even alerts workers about potential hazards such as old batteries, mercury, or LCD screens. For communicating specific information, Revive's backlit interactive surface detects and shows component information—model number, market prices and other details required to determine a component's recycle or reuse value. Revive's compact form and fluid movements create an intuitive, calm and non-disruptive experience for its human counterparts. Rather than communicating through words or buttons, the act of placing a part into different work zones naturally communicates decisions. Initiating next steps then bring a sense of standardisation and efficiency to the process.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    Franziska Heuck, James Skeggs, Germany, New Zealand