Red Dot Design Award
Packaging Design

Rezept-Destillate Fruit Spirits

Rezept-Destillate Fruit Spirits | Red Dot Design Award

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“Reduction to the essentials” is the main theme of this packaging design for fruit spirits. It is inspired by the distillation process, during which the fruits are reduced to the essence of their flavours. As a metaphor for pure elements, the abbreviations on the bottles make reference to the periodic table in a special way: for example, “Ap” stands for “Apfel” (apple) or “Zw” for “Zwetschgen” (plum). Further design features, such as the paper band on India paper, likewise refer to the thematic context. Employing very simple technical means, the product nevertheless evokes an impression of ultimate value and exclusivity.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Rezept-Destillate, Felix Möhl, Wettingen
  • Design:
    Thomas Lehner, Visual Communications, Berlin
  • creative direction:
    Thomas Lehner
  • type design:
    Studio Reizundrisiko, Berneck
  • text:
    Julius Weiss, Bern
  • final arts:
    Christine Gertsch, Berlin
  • photography:
    Studio Koritschan, Zürich