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Rigoletto | Red Dot Design Award

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The poster advertising the opera “Rigoletto” is a direct reference to the plot. In this opera by Giuseppe Verdi, the hunchbacked Rigoletto is the Duke of Mantua’s court jester. The duke, a confirmed womaniser, sets out to conquer Rigoletto’s daughter. To prevent this, the worried father hires an assassin to murder the duke by knife. The sharp-tongued jester thus secretly turns into a murderous enemy. In the poster, the jester’s cap is formed by blades, creating the impression of pending peril and danger, an impression that is further enhanced by the use of the warning colours of yellow and black.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Theater Biel Solothurn
  • Design:
    Atelier Bundi AG, Boll
  • art direction:
    Stephan Bundi
  • graphic design:
    Stephan Bundi
  • photography:
    Stephan Bundi