CPU Cooler

Riing Silent 12 Pro Blue

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The CPU cooler Riing Silent 12 Pro features a special 120 mm PWM fan with 11 fan blades capable of directing a large volume of air into the entire cooling element. The fan has a hydraulic bearing for keeping the noise level as low as possible. In addition, the PWM function allows the fan to run precisely at its necessary speed, according to temperature conditions. In this way, optimum cooling performance is ensured without any unnecessary fan noise. Also of interest to modders is the LED ring emitting coloured light, visible from all sides.

Statement by the Jury

The Riing Silent 12 Pro is a textbook example of an efficient cooler. It presents an outstanding balance between cooling performance and smooth running.

  • Manufacturer:
    Thermaltake Technology Co., Ltd., Taipei, Taiwan
  • In-house design