Packaging Concept

Risse bedrohen eine Stadt

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White corrugated cardboard packaging is used to present, protect and transport two fund-raising objects for the Stiftung zur Erhaltung der historischen Altstadt Staufen (Foundation for the Preservation of the Historic Old Town of Staufen). Besides packaging for the so-called “Staufenkrug” (Staufen tankard), there is another box for the “Staufentasche” (Staufen bag). The common characteristic is the crack – worked into the contours of the corrugated cardboard – as a symbol of the danger posed to buildings by cracks as the result of rising ground. The product presentation thus becomes an impressive monument, which is particularly provoking when several cardboard boxes are stacked on top of each other.

  • Client:
    Stiftung zur Erhaltung der historischen Altstadt Staufen
  • Design:
    identis GmbH, design-gruppe joseph pölzelbauer, Freiburg
  • creative direction:
    Joseph Pölzelbauer
  • art direction:
    Jean Mierecke
  • graphic design:
    Jean Mierecke, Reinhard Groh, Simone Pölzelbauer, Marcel Ermes
  • project management:
    Ursel Linder, Svenja Schneppe