Lounge Chair



Riverside is a lounge chair whose organic design is inspired by nature. Its sculptural shape and curved lines resemble the pattern that wind and water leave on the banks of a river. It is weatherproof and lightweight so it can easily be moved. Thanks to a water drain, it is very suitable for outdoor use. The material Soft Touch Plus consists of a two-component polyurethane, which is especially hard-wearing, hygienic and non-toxic. Riverside is available in a variety of current trend colours.

  • Manufacturer:
    Tonon & C. SpA, Manzano, Italy
  • Design:
    Massive Design (Mac Stopa), Warsaw, Poland

Statement by the jury

The lounge chair Riverside fascinates with its conspicuously organic appearance. Both lightweight and robust, it is a fancy furniture for relaxed sitting in the open air.