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Roadlite CF

Roadlite CF | Red Dot Design Award

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Anyone who rides a bike a lot or uses it to commute to work automatically increases the fitness. The design of the Roadlite CF is modelled on the values of “simple, precise & dynamic” and places the improvement of individual fitness centre stage through a focus on function. This carbon bike is outstandingly light and delivers a fast and highly agile riding experience. Its innovative qualities are based on a stiffness and flexibility that has been optimised in specific areas of the frame. This approach also manifests itself in the surface design and shows in its junction points and the distinctive head tube. Blending coherently into the overall design, the carbon cockpit features optimised aerodynamics and comfort. The expressivity of the bike stems from a design of visual contrasts. Hard angles are honed to meet soft surfaces, while alternating between narrow and wide tube profiles creates the impression of dynamic interaction. Precise parallel lines further support the clear design language. The design idea of visual contrast also reappears in the frame artwork. The diagonally oriented graphic visualises a precise and dynamic look, while it highlights the shape of the individual profiles and plays with the change form matte to glossy surfaces. The Roadlite CF has emerged as a carbon fitness bike for enhanced workout experiences and showcases a combination of thoughtful design and high-tech performance.

Statement by the Jury

The Roadlite CF fitness bike combines simplicity and clarity with exciting innovative features. Showcasing a stringent design, it does without redundant details. Its silhouette immediately attracts attention. Optimised in its stiffness and flexibility, the bike conveys dynamic elegance – all its elements are precisely crafted and well thought-out. It thus achieves a highly emotional appeal.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Manufacturer:
    Canyon Bicycles GmbH, Koblenz, Germany
  • In-house design:
    Fedja Delic
Roadlite CF | Red Dot Design Award
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