Red Dot Design Award

RØST Coffee Roaster

RØST Coffee Roaster | Red Dot Design Award

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Coffee sample roasting is used throughout the coffee value chain to evaluate the quality of the commodity. The quality of coffee varies from farm to farm, harvest to harvest, which means that every harvest must be sampled. Due to the rapid growth in demand for speciality coffee, the process of roasting coffee samples has become more important than ever. However, it is difficult to roast consistently with traditional sample roasters, which makes it challenging to reveal the true quality of the coffee. This makes sample roasting a weak spot in the value chain. As such, improved sample roasters like RØST will benefit both exporters and importers by increasing the efficiency and quality of their work. RØST is engineered to reduce the workload and provide an option between manual mode and fully-automatic mode. The machine is easily controlled with the combination of a 5-inch touch screen and a rotary knob. All the roasting data is saved and is accessible on any device. Through the software, users can follow the roasting in real-time, design and share roasting profiles and keep track of cupping data.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
    Røst Coffee AS, Norway
  • Team Lead:
    Trond Simonsen
  • Design:
    Sverre Simonsen