Perching Stool

Rovo Solo


Rovo Solo is a seating and standing aid. It provides support for users while they are standing but allows them to keep moving thanks to two motion elements. At the core of the stool is the Ergo Balance technology, which is located in the base and immediately below the seat. It ensures that the seat reacts to the slightest movement and so guarantees a high degree of stability and resistance to tipping. The perching stool, which relieves strain on the spinal column and intervertebral discs, is available in many different versions including one with armrests.

  • Manufacturer:
    ROVO Chair International, Völkle Bürostühle GmbH, Loßburg, Germany
  • Design:
    Gecco Vision, Henner Jahns, Los Angeles, USA

Statement by the Jury

The design of the Rovo Solo perching stool is intended to encourage active movement and is surpassing for its ergonomic and back-friendly properties.