Rubbing of Pollution

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Marine pollution has become an increasingly serious problem and our seas are the hugest dumps in the world. The pollution makes fish contain deadly toxins, while some fish species are already extinct. The poster aims to draw attention to the fact that we might lose precious marine resources in the future. It is made to look like the rubbing of a fish when seen from a distance. However, when coming closer the image reveals that the fish consists of dirt and waste including squeezed out tubes, plastic bags and bottles. The poster features a design held exclusively in black and white to create associations with death or remind one of oil-covered animals and how they are often seen in the wake of oil tanker accidents. Apart from the title in small letters and a Chinese hanko name seal at the bottom right, no other information is needed to convey the message. The poster thus also denounces the selfishness of human beings and their behaviour as the main cause for fish having to live in such a polluted environment.

Statement by the Jury

“Rubbing of Pollution” represents a well-conceived solution for drawing attention to the severe pollution of our seas. The smart design virtually demands beholders to step closer and dive deeper into the topic, revealing upon a closer look that the fish is full of all sorts of waste and dirt – a poignant reflection of reality that is not obvious at first glance.

  • Client:
    National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taipei
  • Design:
    Xuan-Yi Yeh