Red Dot Design Award

RUFA Annual Report 2016

RUFA Annual Report 2016 | Red Dot Design Award

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The 2016 annual report by the Rome University of Fine Arts (RUFA) is a collection of the best didactic and creative output of the academy in the year 2016. The design of the report is marked by the use of an expressive typography, the combination of photography and magenta thread artistic submissions, a free-form layout and visible binding. All these elements are designed to reflect the multidisciplinary nature of the university. The report is printed in hexachrome, using 802 and 806 Pantone Neon hues. The book jacket also serves as a poster and sorts the different entries by type, while the offset-printed white cover features a letter written by an imaginary teacher to a prospective student. A 16-page, differently sized bi-chrome insert reports about the RUFA contest. In addition, it also contains extra digital contents, viewable via a dedicated app for smartphones or tablets.

Statement by the Jury

The annual report by RUFA fascinates with elaborate workmanship, including its open book spine, a jacket that can be unfolded into a poster, as well as a striking colour scheme consisting of two special colours. It makes playful use of typography; every single page is engaging and at the same time infused by a nifty sense for a harmonious balance between emotions (i.e. pictures) and information, turning the report into a pleasure to browse through.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Art Direction:
    Giampiero Donno
  • Client:
    RUFA Rome University of Fine Arts, Rome, Italy
  • Design:
    Intorno Design, Rome, Italy
  • Creative Direction:
    Guido Lombardo, Tommaso Salvatori
  • Graphic Design:
    Gianluca Vicini, Linda Marchetti, Matteo Sampaolo, Roberta De Cristofaro, Eleonora Cerri Pecorella
  • Photography:
    Stefano Compagnucci, Rome, Italy
  • Post-Production:
    Christian Rizzo
  • Editorial Work:
    Elena Pagnotta, Alessandro Caruso
  • Embroidery Artwork:
    Federica Di Pietrantonio
  • Content Supervision:
    Fabio Mongelli
RUFA Annual Report 2016 | Red Dot Design Award