Rug Collection


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The essence of the Rugxstyle rug collection is opposites: a soft appearance versus the tough and durable nature of this floor covering. Contrast can be seen in each pair of rugs – either in the light-dark nuances of the patterns, in their colourfulness or their shapes. Thus, they can be combined in many ways, but the functional rugs, manufactured with sustainability in mind, also work singly. Used together, or in an interplay with other floor coverings, they can create interrelated areas in shops, hotels or offices for example.

Statement by the Jury

The intriguing interplay of contrasts makes the rugs of the Rugxstyle collection real eye-catcher with the added plus of sustainability.

  • Manufacturer:
    Object Carpet GmbH, Denkendorf, Germany
  • Design:
    patel kommunikative inszenierung (Kathrin Patel, Mark Patel), Bremen, Germany