ruwido androidtv remote control

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The ruwido androidtv remote control for OTT services reflects a high degree of user-friendliness. The clear form factor and polished frame design of the input device are in line with the galvanised navigation area supporting OTT-based user interfaces. The integrated voice transmission function reduces the number of required keys to a minimum, creating the basis for a balanced appearance. In addition, the classical functions of a remote control are complemented by a dynamic interaction that is oriented to the typical behaviours of people and makes content accessible with just a few words.

Statement by the Jury

The impressive feature of this remote control is the coherent interplay of key and voice input for more natural and smooth operation.

  • Manufacturer:
    ruwido austria gmbh, Neumarkt, Austria
  • Design:
    zeug Design GmbH, Salzburg, Austria