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Ruy Ohtake by Roca

Ruy Ohtake by Roca | Red Dot Design Award

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Designing the unexpected

Nature is abundant in shapes and patterns that are fascinating in their simplicity and perfection. The design of the Ruy Ohtake by Roca collection is inspired by such phenomena as the curved lines of waves, the ever-changing line of the horizon, as well as one of the purest forms, the egg. “I really like the curved element because it’s harder than a straight line,” the designer and architect Ruy Ohtake reflects about his design. He chose the shape of the curve, because it is not fixed in its course; rather, it is unpredictable and can be perceived differently by various observers depending on their viewing angle. Specifically, the design of this collection is also aimed at embodying the complex sensations and intimacy that every person associates with a washbasin in daily use: in the morning, people go to the bathroom, wash their hands, wash their face and brush their teeth, starting the day thinking about what they did yesterday or what they are going to do today. “These minutes are very beautiful and important,” the designer says. And therefore, the washbasin has to be appealing and designed to be something special. Moreover, the subtle design also reflects the basic function of a washbasin, namely to collect the water. The guiding design principle here has been the relationship that the water has to the edge of the basin – leading to a curved edge of soft and elegant appearance.

Statement by the Jury

Exploring the possibilities of form, Ruy Ohtake by Roca has emerged as a refreshingly different washbasin. His filigree ceramic bowl fascinates with its organically curved, sensual-looking silhouette – technology, functionality and aesthetics come together in a symbiotic way. The design impressively uses the form here to visualise the fragile lightness of the material.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Manufacturer:
    Roca Brasil, Jundiaí, Brazil
  • Design:
    Ruy Ohtake, São Paulo, Brazil
Ruy Ohtake by Roca | Red Dot Design Award
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