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Safety Tips Manhole Cover

Safety Tips Manhole Cover | Red Dot Design Award

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Drainage facilities are an essential part of urban roads, but they also pose some safety risks if left uncovered. Safety Tips Manhole Cover is a security product that integrates warning signage design with a cover that prevents people from falling into uncovered manholes. The warning panels are neatly folded under the manhole cover. If the covers are removed or lost for some reason, the warning panels are visually loud enough to warn pedestrians and vehicles to avoid the manhole. Unlike traditional signage, this form for warning signage does not require human supervision. The warning panels are made of rubber and the frame in a stainless steel frame. The structure is simple and durable, and the installation convenient. Safety Tips Manhole Cover can be reused safely and sustainably

Red Dot Design Award

  • Institution:
    Jiangsu Vocational College Of Information Technology, China
  • Faculty Advisor:
    Prof. Zhang Jinping, Zhang Lei
  • Design:
    Cheng Cheng, Liu Xiuqian, Xu Huinan, Zhen Dongdong