Brand Design

Saint Petersburg Zoo

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The brand design for the new zoo in Saint Petersburg presents a new approach to both the image and the communication of a zoo and its handling of animals. The idea is that the zoo does without cages – the animals being separated from visitors only by natural objects such as water-filled ditches, altitude drops and land formations. A vivid colour coding together with emotionally and memorably styled animal figures identify the continents from which the animals originate. With the overall aim of creating communication without barriers and producing positive emotions, these friendly characters play the main role in the zoo’s communication and interaction with its visitors. Be it on a bag, a T-shirt of the zoo or its commercials on the urban railways, the brand identity combines powerful colours with cheerful, distinctly designed animal characters and a suitable logo into a visually selfcontained approach that immediately captures the beholder.

Statement by the Jury

This work delivers an outstanding idea for the communication and visual identity of a zoo. Adopting a fresh, appealing approach, it tells about the lives and origins of the animals with the help of an elaborate colour scheme and simple animal symbols. The brand design thus fulfils the aim of communication without barriers in a highly effective manner.

  • Client:
    Saint Petersburg State Art and Industry Academy, Saint Petersburg
  • Design:
    Ann Bolshakova, Vladimir Bolshakov, Moscow