Corporate Video

Sampo – 25 years as a listed company

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This corporate video was produced in order to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Sampo’s listing on the Helsinki Stock Exchange. The goal was to provide an authentic portrait of the company’s image and current values and to accurately reflect each period of its development from 1988 to 2013. The video combines old photos from various archives and new footage. In addition, different post-production effects and methods were employed to complete the final look and feel.

  • Client:
    Sampo Group, Helsinki
  • Design:
    YellowBlack, Anima Boutique Oy, Helsinki
  • concept/ project management:
    Sampo Group, Anima Boutique Oy
  • film production:
    Anima Boutique Oy
  • live action sequences:
    Cocoa Mediaproductions Oy
  • music/ sound design:
    Humina Oy
  • animation:
    Anima Boutique Oy