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SAP Tennis Analytics for Coaches

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For the first time, the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) allowed coaches to utilise mobile devices on court during coaching breaks in 2015. No longer limited to their own observations from the stands, coaches needed fast, accurate, and easily consumable insights. Developed through research and co-innovation with the WTA coaches and players, SAP Tennis Analytics for Coaches translates real-time data from ten on-court cameras and the umpire’s scoring into simple visualisations of game-changing information such as scoring and shot placement patterns that coaches and players can mutually trust.

  • Client:
    Women’s Tennis Association (WTA), St. Petersburg, Florida
  • Design:
    SAP Design & Co-Innovation Center, Palo Alto, California/Berlin
  • Project Management:
    Jenni Lewis, Sussan Lam, SAP, Sydney
  • Research/Design Team:
    Rainer Matthias, Alessandro Sposato, Tim Thianthai