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Saturn Shop Clock | Red Dot Design Award

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The concept of the Shop Clock was developed with the aim to demonstrate that the German tech retailer Saturn offers the best deals all the time. Realising the idea of linking time itself with the Saturn database, a smartphone clock widget was created where the time sets the price. It displays all the best deals that match the current time, so that at 9:35, users get a TV for 935 euros, at 16:17 a camera for 1,617 euros. The result was a useful tool, based on a simple function that offered an attention-grabbing consumer benefit in the sense that every time users checked the time, they might have “saved” money.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Graphic Design:
    Jonas Menze, Tristan Baumgartl
  • Chief Creative Officer:
    Alexander Schill
  • Executive Creative Direction:
    Alexander Nagel, Christoph Everke, Michael Wilk
  • Design:
    Serviceplan/Plan.Net, Munich
  • Creative Direction:
    Franz Röppischer, Lorenz Langgartner, Tom Meifert
  • Copywriting:
    Oliver Weber
  • Art Direction:
    Marko Savic, Holger Roth, Thomas Wiegand
  • Client:
    Saturn, Munich
Saturn Shop Clock | Red Dot Design Award
Saturn Shop Clock | Red Dot Design Award
Saturn Shop Clock | Red Dot Design Award