Red Dot Design Award

SC-T3100, SC-T3100N, SC-T5100, SC-T5100N

SC-T3100, SC-T3100N, SC-T5100, SC-T5100N | Red Dot Design Award

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The large-format printers of the SC-T series are among the smallest on the market. They can be used in offices, architecture studios, schools and retail shops. Although large-format printers are usually required for special applications, the design of the printers in this series allows for easy operability, even for first-time users. The output slot of the printers is reduced to only 10 mm to prevent children from sticking their fingers inside. For this reason, the devices may also be set up in schools.

Statement by the Jury

These large-format printers arouse enthusiasm with their effective user guidance, coherent design and small space requirement.

Red Dot Design Award