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Scenty Presso

Scenty Presso | Red Dot Design Award

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Shaped like an hourglass, Scenty Presso is a coffee maker designed to transform the way people experience and brew coffee. The process begins with the glass end on top. Users add coffee grounds and water to a chamber on the opaque side, before reversing their positions with the flick of a wrist. Just like sand in an inverted hourglass, ready-to-drink coffee then trickles down into the glass end. This is achieved through an innovative evaporation technique that filters the water through the coffee grounds. In a clever twist, Scenty Presso diffuses the aroma of the coffee grounds through the opaque side as the coffee is brewed, harnessing its deodorising properties and transforming the used grounds into something more than trash. Elegantly simple, the appliance also lets users choose the strength of the natural diffused fragrance with the touch of a button.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    Byun Seulki, Gwak Younyoung, Hwang Jinhyeong, Kim Taewoo, Kim Taeyeon, South Korea