Corporate Design

Schloss Hohenkammer

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The seminar centre Schloss Hohenkammer boasts a refurbished 17th-century castle, a modern guest house, a restaurant and an organic agricultural estate. The corporate identity merges a contemporary design approach with references to traditional aesthetics. The combination of a renaissance antiqua word mark with a clean sans-serif typeface is visually complemented by fresh colours and innovative production techniques. A specifically designed system allows flyers, brochures and folders to be combined individually. The website features inspiring photographs and a highly functional layout, communicating current events and information in a clear and appealing manner. The packaging for Gut Eichethof, the manor of Schloss Hohenkammer, playfully extends the corporate design to a wide range of quality products.

  • Client:
    Schloss Hohenkammer GmbH, Hohenkammer
  • Design:
    Keller Maurer Design, Munich