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Schreckbichl Colterenzio – vinum excellens

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Schreckbichl viniculture was established by the Roman settler Cornelius (15 BC), and his vineyard Cornelianum was located on Schreckbichl hill. The leitmotif of the new design concept features an abstract silhouette of a castle, thus placing the wine-producing region and its special character centre stage. The aim of the graphic implementation was a pure, powerful image that also establishes a professional brand appearance. The label design and the bottle packaging – both of which focus on the characteristic traits of the three wine ranges – communicate the brand’s roots and essence.

  • Client:
    Schreckbichl Colterenzio, Girlan (Bolzano)
  • Design:
    Manfred Alois Mayr, Merano Granit communication, design, Merano/Zurich
  • Art Direction:
    Manfred Alois Mayr, Andrea Muheim, Lioba Wackernell