Red Dot Design Award

Seamless Unboxing & Installation Experience

Seamless Unboxing & Installation Experience | Red Dot Design Award

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Deutsche Telekom’s goal is to make their customers' experience of their products and services as simple and seamless as possible. Intelligent packaging comes into play, improving the entire product experience. Seamless Unboxing & Installation Experience is part of a showcase in the Telekom Design Gallery in Bonn, Germany. Here, visitors can discover the interactive possibilities of unboxing and installing a pair of virtual reality glasses, along with their related services. The customer is notified when the package has arrived via in-home delivery. As soon as the box is opened, the customer is greeted with a personal welcome message. The various uses and service offerings of the device are automatically displayed on the TV. The installation process is fully automated, so the customer can focus on discovering the new possibilities of the product without having to endure a lengthy setup process.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
    Deutsche Telekom AG, Germany
  • Team Lead:
    Philipp Thesen
  • Design:
    Andreas Boos, Markus Feikes, Dirk Hessenbruch, Matthias Staubach, Nico Weckerle