Red Dot Design Award
Ostomy Bags for Paediatric Use

SenSura Mio Baby® and SenSura Mio Kids®

SenSura Mio Baby® and SenSura Mio Kids® | Red Dot Design Award

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The SenSura Mio Baby ostomy bag is characterised by its long wear time, ensuring that premature babies are disturbed as little as possible. The bag adhesive is designed for sensitive skin and easy reuse. It stays on the baby’s belly when the bag is changed. The SenSura Mio Kids ostomy bag is covered in a skin-friendly textile and is discreet under clothing. The design of the adhesive adapts to the active lifestyle of children, giving kids the freedom of movement they need.

Statement by the Jury

The scientifically developed design of these ostomy bags strongly contributes to the physical growth of premature infants and to the well-being of children.

Red Dot Design Award