packaging design

Seryab Mineral Water PET Bottle

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The brand name Seryab is derived from the Russian word for silver and was selected to emphasise the water’s purity. The striking surface structure of this PET bottle creates an attention-grabbing product design. The multifaceted indentations enable reflections of light reminiscent of a crystal bottle. The decision to not use a label leaves the content in question, thus sparking interest in the consumer. The word mark is prominently placed both on the cap and at the front of the bottle, while the reverse side features proverbs.

  • Client:
    Mineral Technologies Ltd., Moscow
  • Design:
    Mineral Technologies Ltd., Moscow
  • creative direction/concept:
    Andrei Petrov
  • graphic design:
    Victor Ryabov
  • project management:
    Evgeny Maslov
  • engineering solutions:
    Alexei Smolyakov