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Much like the artistic wall mosaics of Ancient Rome, wall tiles are still crucial elements defining an architectural interior even today as they reflect the spirit and cultural currents of their time. Against this backdrop, the Shadow wall tiles follow a subtle approach that adds new visual aspects and applications to the familiar contemporary forms of tiles. They are made of cement concrete, mixing 60 per cent of disused ceramic as aggregate into cement. Following this recycling approach, these tiles make a valuable contribution to a change in environmental awareness, also in the ceramic industry. They impress at first glance with their surface and the impressive effect they achieve across their flat surface. Their design is based on the principle of creating large wall paintings by means of a targeted imaging of light and shades. Using different groove depths on the individual tile surfaces results in a fascinating overall three-dimensional effect of the tiled wall. The resulting geometric patterns are highly eye-catching and appealing as wall design elements. Beholders can perceive different patterns evoking a strong sense of an artistic ambience. The Shadow wall tiles can be used in a variety of scenarios and present an enrichment to any interior – the underlying overall idea is an expression of inspired and pioneering design.

Statement by the Jury

The Shadow wall tiles actively challenge the perception, as they keep changing to astounding effect depending on the viewing angle. They continuously evoke new images that gradually intensify in their visual expressivity. The innovative design concept underlying these wall tiles is highly impressive, also with regard to their durability and high utility value. Moreover, this product also convinces with its perfectly implemented aspect of sustainability.

  • Manufacturer:
    Bentu Culture and Development Co., Ltd., Guangzhou, China
  • In-house design:
    Bentu Culture and Development Co., Ltd.
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