Self-Propelling Skateboard

Shark Attack

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Shark Attack is a self-propelling skateboard which was developed, in accordance with the patented technical knowledge about the wave board, for road surfing. This allows the user to do something similar to what they can do on a normal skateboard: they have the option to surf the streets, to pump and to keep moving independently, without having to push their foot. The board can be ridden on roads like a surfboard with 180-degree turns, sharp turns and changes of direction. In this way, speed, power and riding flow can be improved.

Statement by the Jury

Hardly visible from the outside, the high-quality skateboard Shark Attack has an innovative self-propelling mode – a completely new riding experience for the user.

  • Manufacturer:
    Street Surfing, Bridgewater, USA
  • In-house design:
    André Campos Jorge Coelho