Visual Identity

Shenzhen Independent Animation Biennale

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This visual identity was developed for the First Shenzhen Independent Animation Biennale, the theme of which was “The World of Soul: As Virtual Artistic Engineering”. It uses a “play button” icon as a key element to represent the beginning of all animation, highlighting the theme of this exhibition. In line with the key element of the play button, eight button icons such as for example a “pause button” and a “stop button” represent the different sections of the exhibition. The specially created typography is used consistently throughout the different media.

  • Client:
    Shenzhen OCT LOFT Culture Development Co., Ltd.
  • Design:
    SenseTeam, Shenzhen
  • art direction:
    Hei Yiyang
  • graphic design:
    Hei Yiyang, Chen Silin, Zhu Sensen, Huang Zhina, Zhai Linbo