Fundraising Instrument, Social Media Market Place


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The non-profit organisation communicates its content exclusively via social network platforms like Facebook. This enables as many people as possible to be reached so as to win them over for charity projects. As the world’s first non-profit social media market place, the fundraising instrument shop2aid provides users with an opportunity to sell objects that are no longer needed, with proceeds going to charity. Facebook mechanisms are utilised so that product offers may be spread for free.

  • Client: e.V., Düsseldorf
  • Design:
    denkwerk GmbH, Cologne
  • chief creative director:
    Jochen Schlaier
  • creative director:
    Alina Schlaier
  • concept:
    Esther Meier, Eva Patzelt
  • programming:
    André Laugks, Matthias Ewert, Christian Thaele