Red Dot Design Award

Shopping Cart for Old People

Shopping Cart for Old People | Red Dot Design Award

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This shopping cart does not require its user to bend down and reach for items near the base of the cart. The exterior of the shopping cart is supported by a spring structure that expands and contracts according to the weight of contents of the basket. The spring is compressed when the basket is empty. As the basket is slowly being filled, the spring expands and stretches the basket downwards. As things are slowly removed from the basket, the spring begins to compress again and pulls the base of the basket upwards. Shopping Cart for Old People is an intuitive design that makes sure its user never has to reach beyond a certain depth of the cart. The cart is also designed with a non-slip rubber handle and the frame of the cart in a sturdy stainless steel. Most importantly, the exterior spring is of the best quality, with a strong bearing capacity, strong resilience and strong elasticity.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    Li Hui, Lu Yuanyuan, China