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Shoppyland Schönbühl, a shopping centre in the Swiss canton of Bern, has used the same distinctive logo, a duck, in all of its corporate communication for over 35 years. The 200 pages of this book document the logo’s versatility by showing how it has been reinterpreted and animated in various advertising campaigns. More than 30 photographers were invited to shoot and stage the posters, gadgets and other versions of the duck logo in their own style to create an appealing contemporary chronicle of the brand.

  • Client:
    Shoppyland Schönbühl, Genossenschaft Migros Aare, Schönbühl
  • Design:
    KOMET Werbeagentur AG BSW, Bern
  • head of marketing:
    Simon Schatzmann
  • concept:
    Thom Pfister
  • text:
    Antonia Bekiaris
  • artwork:
    Joel Weber
  • printing:
    Ast & Fischer AG