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A versatile minimalist

Quite a few photographers swear by a very specific camera because it is congenial to their personal way of working. In view of digital living environments, the design of the SIGMA fp raises the fundamental question of “what a camera could be” with regard to user-oriented flexibility, summarised by the terms “Pocketable full-frame”, “Scalable” and “Seamless”. This extremely compact mirrorless digital camera features a high-resolution 35-mm full-frame sensor that delivers impressive versatility and adaptability to different shooting scenes. The camera is very lightweight and boasts an aluminium body that is both stylish and robust for enhanced mobility so that photographers can easily take it with them wherever they go and spontaneously take pictures and videos of the highest quality at any time. The elegant minimalism of the camera body is complemented by the ample possibilities offered by the sophisticated L-Mount interchangeable lens system. Designed as a functional “open system”, it can be combined with SIGMA lenses as well as with lenses from other manufacturers. The SIGMA fp has an intuitively understandable, easy-to-use and individually adaptable user interface for everyday photography pleasure. Via a single switch, the camera allows seamless changing between still image and video recordings. It thus turns into a creative tool for high performance across different photographic styles and genres.

Statement by the Jury

The SIGMA fp digital camera impresses with its refreshing take on minimalism and versatility. All elements of this full-frame camera are presented to the user following an intelligent layout. Featuring a very light body, the camera rests comfortably in the hand and is also pleasant to the touch. Its intuitive interface allows easy operation for outstanding results in both photo and film recordings, conveying a strong notion of quality and authenticity.

Red Dot Design Award

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