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Dental Treatment Chair Unit

Signo T500

Signo T500 | Red Dot Design Award

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Elegant unity

The atmosphere in dental practices decides whether everyone involved feels comfortable and whether the necessary trust for the treatment is built up. The design of the Signo T500 dental treatment chair unit has focused on the objective of providing functional modularity paired with a homogeneous design idiom. This has been achieved through an intelligent concept using shared components, which allow a consistent structure while at the same time maintaining the individual character of each member in the product family. Designed with timelessly purist lines, this dental treatment chair unit is reduced to the essentials. Featuring high-quality materials common in the furniture industry, complemented by a contemporary colour scheme, the unit creates a pleasant atmosphere in the treatment room. It promotes intuitive operation for a particularly smooth treatment process. Thus, for example, the optional Luna Vue TS surgical light switches on and off without contact by means of a sensor. Based on sophisticated ergonomics, the treatment chair is highly comfortable, provides a stable posture in all positions and ensures a gentle body pressure distribution. The double-jointed headrest adapts to the natural neck movements and can be adjusted to the needs of the patients in both length and degree of inclination. The concept of this treatment unit offers perfect support to both doctors and their assistants, enabling them to focus entirely on the patient.

Statement by the Jury

The Signo T500 is an outstanding solution, since it unites all elements and requirements in a harmonious manner. This elegant dental treatment chair unit is ergonomically sophisticated and comfortable, guaranteeing intuitive operation. In an impressive manner, it creates optimal treatment conditions for the doctor, patient and assisting personnel. Its modularity and flexibility have been tailored to perfectly match the requirements in dental practices.

Red Dot Design Award

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