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Silo Theatre

Silo Theatre | Red Dot Design Award

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This series of campaign images was created for the launch of the 2012 season of the Silo Theatre in Auckland. While the individual images hint at the underlying themes of each play, the overall design extends to the expressive Silo logomark. The logo was created by arranging the letters of the word Silo to depict the image of a face. Each letter form has its logical place. The “S” forms a wink, the “I” an eye, while the “L” depicts the shape of a nose and the “O” a mouth. As a symbol, the logo references the Greek comedy and tragedy masks, which have become the universal signifier for theatres.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Silo Theatre, Auckland
  • Design:
    Alt Group, Auckland
  • creative direction:
    Dean Poole
  • graphic design:
    Dean Poole, Anna Myers, Emma Hickey, Aaron Edwards, Alan Wolfgramm, Kris Lane, Sons & Co
  • photography:
    Toaki Okano
Silo Theatre | Red Dot Design Award
Silo Theatre | Red Dot Design Award
Silo Theatre | Red Dot Design Award