Red Dot Design Award

Simu Intelligent IH Rice Cooker

Simu Intelligent IH Rice Cooker | Red Dot Design Award

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The appearance of this rice cooker is characterised by a shiny white body and golden decorative elements. Its display, with concise graphics, is concealed when switched off and becomes visible after touching the button. The intelligent induction rice cooker uses germinated rice technology (GABA method) by which means brown rice is first brought to germination, whereby the nutrition value is maximised and its GABA value (Gammaaminobutyric acid) is increased by five times. An internal inner cover with honeycomb structure can be removed for easy cleaning.

Statement by the Jury

This rice cooker appears elegant with its white body and gold-coloured details. It integrates the GABA method, by which the rice is prepared in a healthy and more nutritional way.

Red Dot Design Award