Pelvic Floor Exerciser


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The design of the pelvic floor exerciser SKEA (Smart Kegel Exercise Aid) follows a gamification approach that combines exercises with mobile games. A sensor detects when the pelvic floor muscles are contracted and, with the help of the squeezes, controls a character in a video game on the smartphone. The form and colour scheme in the style of a black swan deliberately depart from the functional design language of medical products. The Bluetooth antenna is located outside the body, in the “swan’s neck”.

Statement by the Jury

SKEA creatively makes pelvic floor exercises fun. Its expressive look radiates sensuality and self-confidence.

  • Manufacturer:
    Beijing City University, Beijing, China
  • In-house design:
    Fan Yang Hongtao Zhang
  • Design:
    Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication, Wen Zhang Wei Wang, Beijing, China