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Skyline Frame

Skyline Frame | Red Dot Design Award

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Floating object

The design of the extractor hood is decisive for the entire appearance of a cooking area. The Skyline Frame ceiling lift hood exudes the appearance of an impressive geometric sculpture. Enhanced by a narrow, matte black frame made of 20 × 20 mm square tubes, it not only promotes an aesthetic of urban chic with modern loft characteristics, it also enriches kitchens with its well-thought-out functionality and versatility. Special shelf surfaces can be added at the sides, for instance, to hold spices, oil and vinegar. In addition, the hood can also serve as a diverse interior lighting object, featuring individually adjustable effect lighting concealed behind high-quality, grey smoked glass covers. The colder colour temperature setting emits a cool bluish tinge suitable for bright kitchens. The warmer colour temperature setting emits a soft copper-like appearance, providing a beautiful accent for kitchens in darker, earthy tones with wooden accessories. Skyline Frame is equipped with a powerful berbel system for effective fat separation, as well as a quiet EC fan motor to ensure clean air. The standard equipment includes the powerful berbel recirculation filter and a convenient lifting function. Suspended on sturdy, thin wires, the hood seems to be floating beneath the ceiling, permitting continuous and smooth height variation by remote control or via the smartphone app.

Statement by the Jury

The Skyline Frame ceiling lift hood establishes a fascinating new aesthetic for the kitchen. Its clear geometric lines give it the appearance of an object floating in mid-air. Featuring high-quality craftsmanship down to the detail, it is inspiring both in material and in form. It is functionally well-thought-out and fits seamlessly into almost any given kitchen interior. The integrated effect lighting allows perfect individual customisation.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Manufacturer:
    berbel Ablufttechnik GmbH, Rheine, Germany
  • Design:
    Studio Ambrozus, Cologne, Germany
Skyline Frame | Red Dot Design Award
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