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smart EBALL

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One special feature of the smart fortwo electric drive is its surprisingly powerful acceleration, especially on the first metres. In order to demonstrate that the car is not only environmentally friendly, but also fun to drive, it was showcased with a unique test drive event at the Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA): with the game “smart EBALL”, which turned the electric cars into game controllers. It is played like the classic video game Pong, with the only difference that the game is controlled by driving real cars quickly back and forth. Visitors were invited to play against each other and drive the electric cars quickly back and forth on a straight piece of road to hit the ball as shown on the projection wall. Thus, visitors had a first-hand experience of the exceptional acceleration – and a lot of fun. Statement by the jury »The game event impresses with the unique idea of connecting the outstanding feature of the smart fortwo electric drive, its rapid acceleration, with an interactive game. For the visitors of the trade show, this game not only offered a lot of fun, it also realised the objective of the event in a highly convincing manner.«

  • Client:
    Daimler AG, Sindelfingen
  • Design:
    BBDO Proximity Berlin GmbH Daniel Schweinzer, Lukas Liske ANR BBDO Stockholm Fredric Antonsson, Sebastian Forsman, Maria Sandberg
  • head of marketing:
    Dirk Spakowski