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Smart Helix

Smart Helix | Red Dot Design Award

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Hanging a painting usually require nails and screws to be driven into the wall to support the weight of the frame. Furthermore, ensuring that the painting is displayed squarely can be an arduous and annoying process. Readjusting paintings also cause multiple damage points to the wall. With the smart design and mechanical properties of Smart Helix, paintings can be hung up neatly and easily. Hanging a painting with Smart Helix does not require one to mark and place the screws with utmost precision. Simply drill a normal screw into the wall where one would like to display the painting. Then, find the next approximate hanging point and drill in Smart Helix through its “pinning point”. The first screw and the Smart Helix would hold up the painting. Next, simply twist and adjust the Smart Helix until the painting is hung straight and square. No re-drilling of the screw is required to make minor adjustments to the placement. Smart Helix has an outline that aligns perfectly with the “evolute curve” (evolvent), which gives the gadget its significant working mechanical properties. Firstly, the curve allows us to easily determine the degree that we would twist the Smart Helix by its lever arm. Secondly, due to the curve, the force that the painting would exert becomes measuredly smaller than the force from twisting the lever arm. This means that Smart Helix is easy to twist manually, but left untouched, it is difficult for the painting to shift it.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    Yan Shaoting, China