Red Dot Design Award

Smart Intelligent Stroller

Smart Intelligent Stroller | Red Dot Design Award

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Smart Intelligent Stroller provides a comfortable and smart nursery environment that can improve the quality of nursery care. Battery-powered safety utilities and sensors provide information about the environmental quality. Each specific function can be monitored by syncing the stroller with smart devices. The smart functions of the stroller are as follows: ‘Autostop System’ prevents arbitrary driving function for safety – when the parent releases the handle of the stroller, the stroller automatically come to a stop. ‘Smart Belt’ checks if the seat belt is properly fastened. ‘Smart Sensor’ maintains the temperature and humidity inside the stroller to keep conditions comfortable at all times. ‘Smart Monitoring’ keeps tabs on the UV index, fine dust and yellow dust around the stroller. When the values are too high, using the ‘Full Canopy’ mode triggers the full canopy cover to block out the dust and UV rays. The stroller is also internally equipped with an ‘Air Purification System’ and ‘Safety Night Lighting’. Lastly, receiving information and controlling the smart stroller is easily achieved via a smart phone or other connected smart devices.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Studio:
    DO&BE Design, South Korea
  • Design Lead:
    Kim Hogyum
  • Design:
    Lee Jeongwon
Smart Intelligent Stroller | Red Dot Design Award